Health Safety Consultants in Manchester, Lancashire, and the North West.

No matter which field you operate in, it’s vital to have the correct Health and Safety systems in position to protect you, your team and any visitors who may be present at your facilities …

Failure to do so could leave you vulnerable to workplace accidents, costly legal action, and even prosecution.

The good news is that each of these risks can be safely prevented by setting up some fundamental systems to safeguard your office, its personnel and the future of your organisation.

At Rhino Safety, we work together with a variety of organisations throughout Manchester and the North Wests to help them stay compliant with present UK Health and Safety Rules.

Health and Safety protection for you, your team and your organisation.

Our mission is to help you avoid prosecution, any resulting financial penalties, the potential loss of your business, not to mention the mental anguish caused by avoidable workplace accidents or fatalities.

Our work begins with a comprehensive risk analysis for your organisation to assist you in identifying possible dangers to your staff and any visitors to your site.

Once this initial analysis has been completed, we are then able to establish a set of strategies and best practices to assist you in making your organinsation safe, accident-free and compliant with government regulations.

An important part of our work is to provide you and your staff with the knowledge and expertise you need to stay secure and compliant. In order to help with this, we have established a large library of training products that you can access on-demand as needed and without interruption to your work.

Expert Health And Wellness Consultants

Whether you’re looking for help with compliance issues or just need some advice on the legal requirements, we’re here to help!

Our specialist team of health and wellness specialists is right here to help you quickly and cost-effectively.

For more information on Rhino Safety’s Health and Safety consultancy services, please message us through our contact page or call us on: 01270 440341

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