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Environmental Services For Businesses


Protecting the environment whilst achieving your business goals is important for every company. Our environmental services are designed to help businesses comply with environmental regulations, work towards a greener future, and exceed expectations.

What Are Environmental Services?


Environmental services for businesses help companies to manage their environmental impact and comply with all current regulations. There is now more focus on sustainability across every aspect of our lives and this goes for businesses too. By implementing environmental services, companies and corporations can reduce their carbon footprint, improve their reputation, and save money in the long term. 

Environmental services support businesses in complying with UK environmental policy. This is part of the Government’s larger plan to promote sustainable practices and work towards a positive impact. By working with experts, companies can ensure they are up to date with environmental legislation and are not liable for any sanctions set out by the Environment Agency. Adhering to new laws around the environment and creating positive change through environmental business services, sets companies apart and gets them ahead of the curve, ready for the future.  

The Benefits Of Environmental Business Services

From an initial environmental audit to comprehensive environmental documentation, there are many benefits to using environmental business services at every level:

  • Compliance – Navigate complex environmental regulations and ensure your business complies with all relevant laws 
  • Cost Savings – Environmentally-friendly practices can often save money in the long run. For example, using energy-efficient lighting and equipment can lead to lower electricity bills
  • Reputation – By demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, companies can improve their reputation and attract environmentally-conscious customers
  • Risk ManagementEnvironmental business services can help to identify and mitigate potential environmental risks, such as pollution or habitat destruction so they can address these risks proactively
  • Efficiency–  By adopting sustainable practices, companies can reduce waste, conserve resources, and streamline their operations, thereby improving overall efficiency
  • Morale Employees are often more engaged and satisfied when working for a company that prioritises environmental sustainability

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Environmental Services From Rhino Safety 

Rhino Safety can help you with a range of environmental services that work alongside your other business health and safety policies and procedures. We can support your company with:

Environmental Impacts And Aspects Register

The Environmental Impacts And Aspects Register is an essential document that businesses can use to identify various aspects of their business output and their impact on the environment. We can work with you on your company’s Environmental Impacts And Aspects Register to understand how various activities, products, and services interact with the environment and what potential risks they pose.

Environmental Auditing

Our experts carry out an environmental audit to assess your business’s environmental compliance status and provide recommendations for improvement. Environmental auditing can cover a wide range of areas, such as air and water quality, waste management, energy efficiency, and biodiversity conservation.

Environmental Management Plans

We work with you to understand the nuances of your industry so that we can build tailored management plans that address your specific issues around environmental services. This might include advising you on better waste management, pollution prevention and energy efficiency across your entire company. As part of this, we can assist you in creating an environmental policy document that details your commitment to environmental business services.

Environmental Training

We offer online and in-person training to educate businesses on environmental best practices, regulations, and compliance requirements. This is alongside an extensive list of health and safety training programs in sectors such as construction, manufacturing and hospitality. Training in multiple disciplines can educate your staff and result in robust health and safety practices in every area of your business. 

Environmental Services For Every Sector


At Rhino Safety, we work with businesses of every shape and size to ensure they comply with all health and safety regulations. No matter what sector your company operates in, we offer personalised environmental services that work. From aviation and warehousing to healthcare and agriculture, we have extensive experience developing policies and procedures, and can provide you with rigorous environmental business services that cover all bases. Contact us for a quote today.

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Speak to the team at Rhino Safety now to make sure all CDM regulations are being followed on your construction project. We can act as your CDM Dutyholder, or support the person in this role. Construction (Design and Management) regulations are an important part of any project, both for the safety of those working on the site and to reduce the risk of damage. Contact us now and one of our friendly team members will be in touch.

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