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Health And Safety Audit


A health and safety audit is a way of ensuring your processes and policies are fit for purpose. They can focus on specific areas or locations, or take a much broader view of the health and safety in your business. Health and safety auditing should be carried out regularly for consistent results.

What Is A Health And Safety Audit?

A health and safety audit is a way to examine and evaluate all of the health and safety processes and policies in use in your business. While the law doesn’t require a workplace health and safety audit, they are great tools that identify what’s been doing well and what areas need improvement.

Health and safety audits should always be carried out by a qualified expert, whether internal or external. This can often be a competent person, an employee with the relevant qualifications, or an external contractor or company with the expertise to look at everything objectively.

Choose Rhino Safety To Help With Health And Safety Audits

A workplace health and safety audit isn’t a legal requirement, but it can be a great way to see the areas where your policies and processes are working, and where improvements can be made. This is good when new working practices are identified, new technology is acquired, and new staff begin their employment. A health and safety audit also lets you check everything is fit for purpose. 

At Rhino Safety, our health and safety consultants have a huge amount of experience carrying out health and safety audits. We know what to look for in your business to make sure you get the right advice and recommendations to stay on top of your health and safety, and remain compliant.


We Are Experts in Health And Safety Auditing

Rhino Safety are experts in health and safety audits, ensuring your business has the right policies, documents, and processes in place to create a safe and positive environment. A workplace health and safety audit gives you a full account of your current health and safety status, letting you make the changes that will have the biggest impact.

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While health and safety audits are not required by law, they are incredibly useful tools to make sure that you are compliant in all areas. You can action changes quickly if you notice something that will soon no longer be compliant, and adapt to the most recent changes to any regulations. We advise health and safety auditing to be a regular activity, so get in touch with the team at Rhino Safety now to find out more about a health and safety audit.

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