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COSHH Assessment


A COSHH assessment should be completed in every business or workplace where there are substances that can harm staff or visitors. Whether present every day or only used at certain times or in specific situations, these substances are hazards to employees - and COSHH responsibilities require them to be controlled.

What Does COSHH Stand For?

COSHH stands for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, and is used to ensure the workplace – and people in it – are safe when hazardous materials, chemicals, or other substances are present or being used. COSHH regulations are set at a national level, providing clear policies and processes for the use, management and risk mitigation in a workplace. While some changes need to be made for each setting, they should not undermine what COSHH is there to do: improve safety.

How Can Rhino Safety Help With COSHH Responsibilities?

Every COSHH assessment needs to be thorough and cover all eventualities. Even cleaning equipment can include harmful substances, and this needs to be logged and managed. For other substances, the risk can come from liquids, vapours, fumes, dust particles, gases, and more. No matter how small the risk, COSHH should be actioned by an experienced consultant.

The team at Rhino Safety have extensive experience across a range of health and safety topics, including COSHH. We keep up with the latest COSHH regulations and updates, and recommend the changes needed for your business to remain compliant. This saves you time and hassle, and you can easily meet any COSHH responsibilities.


We Are Experts in COSHH Regulations

COSHH regulations can be complex, and depending on the number of different substances found in your business or workplace, a lot of processes and policies would need to be put in place to make sure everything is covered. Rhino Safety’s consultants can help make sure the right COSHH steps are in place that will keep all your staff safe, no matter what chemicals or substances are being used.

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Make sure you have the right policies, processes, and rules in place to keep your employees safe with a COSHH assessment from Rhino Safety. COSHH responsibilities are designed to make sure staff are safe when hazardous substances are present in the workplace, and our consultants know what you need to put in place to make sure everyone is safe while at work. Contact our team at Rhino Safety to find out more about COSHH regulations and your responsibilities to employees.

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