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Our health and safety consultants in Sheffield provide the expert support and advice businesses need to remain fully compliant with the law and provide safe working conditions for staff.

It’s our goal to make sure every business in South Yorkshire has the right and information and best advice so they can make position changes to the workplace that complies with local and national legislation and improves the wellbeing of everyone who may be onsite at any given time.

Fire Risk Assessments In Sheffield

It’s important for all business owners to take fire safety seriously and ensure that appropriate measures are in place to protect against the risk of fire. As a legal requirement, all workplaces must complete regular fire risk assessments. Sheffield organisations have been turning to Rhino Safety for over a decade to reinforce their fire safety measures as part of their overarching health and safety policies. A fire risk assessment helps to identify and address potential hazards before they can lead to a fire, and introduces control measures to reduce risks. As part of our assessment, we will advise on evacuation procedures and check vital equipment, such as fire alarms and extinguishers. To manage the ongoing fire safety of your premises, you can also book fire marshal training for employees to attend in person or online. 


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