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Competent Person


A competent person can be found in many businesses and industries. They make sure the right skills and experience are available for specialised, complex, or difficult situations. Competent persons can also be responsible for others, as well as maintaining compliance with national regulations.

What Is A Competent Person?

A competent person is someone who has the qualifications, training, knowledge, or other qualities to handle complex tasks or job roles. Depending on the exact situation you need someone for, the experience and expertise of a registered competent person can vary.

Knowing who to appoint in this position can be a challenge, but with the right support you can make sure checks and processes are completed that make it simple to determine who has the skills and experience you need to fill a health and safety competent person role.

Why Choose Rhino Safety To Help With Your Registered Competent Person?

Understanding the importance of a registered competent person is essential to making sure the right one is chosen for your business. The health and safety consultants at Rhino Safety can look at the needs and requirements you have and ensure any candidate is thoroughly evaluated. This means you will always choose the right competent person for your situation.

The health and safety consultants at Rhino Safety have years of experience handling the different areas you might need support with, such as competent persons. This includes finding the right people for your needs, ensuring they have the necessary experience and qualifications, and ensuring they are equipped to do their job.


We Are Experts in Health And Safety Competent Person Requirements

When it comes to appointing a health and safety competent person, it’s important to make sure the person you have identified is right for your needs. Rhino Safety will help make sure everything is in place for your registered competent person to be able to jump straight in and get on with their work.

Get Your Competent Persons Quote Today

The team at Rhino Safety are the best choice to help with competent persons. We know that every business or project will have different requirements from the people needed to do complex or specialist tasks. Not only is this time consuming but there are a lot of checks to complete to make sure you have the right competent person in the role. To find out more, get in touch and speak to our experts now.

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