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Glazing Company


Who did we help?

A small, family-run glazing company in the north west.

What was their issue?

The business was well-established and successful in the domestic market, but
they wanted to move into the commercial sector; this involved putting in tenders
and most required industry accreditations. The family didn’t feel that they had
the processes in place to be able to successfully gain accreditation, and weren’t
confident to implement them.

How did we solve it?

Initially, we overhauled all their safety documentation, which existed but was old
and unused. We then assisted them in implementing this with their team,
making sure that documents reflected the actual working practices (and advising
on how to make changes to practices that weren’t ideal from a safety
perspective). Once this was all embedded, we guided them through the
accreditation process, completing the safety aspect on their behalf.

What was the outcome?

Within 6 months of our involvement, the company had successfully gained
accreditation and won their first commercial tender. Within 12 months, they had
won a multi-million pound local authority contract, resulting in significant growth
in their business, in terms of employment, turnover and profitability.

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