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Fire Marshal Training


If you want to ensure the safety of your workplace and be prepared in the event of a fire, our fire marshal training courses give you and your employees the skills you need.

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Fire safety is a serious concern no matter how big or small your business. From offices and warehouses to construction and healthcare, fire hazards are present in every kind of workplace. With a Rhino Safety fire marshal course you’ll learn how to effectively prevent and respond to fire related incidents. We’ll also tailor your fire warden training to your industry to ensure complete compliance with all fire safety legislation.

Why You Need Fire Marshal Training

Ensuring the
health and safety of your workplace is a legal requirement as directed by the Health And Safety Executive (HSE). As part of this, there must be a fire risk assessment carried out, and a designated fire marshal who takes responsibility for reducing fire risks and managing safety measures if a fire does start. 

The specific requirements that businesses must adhere to are set out in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and legal compliance with these fire safety regulations is one reason to complete fire warden training. However, keeping your staff safe and protected from any potential fire risks is the number one priority and why companies and individuals sign up to our fire marshal courses.

Who Should Do A Fire Warden Training Course?

Our courses are perfect for anyone responsible for overseeing fire safety or are the designated fire marshal in their company. They can also be useful for anyone who needs to know how to use a fire extinguisher.

What Our Course Includes

Our comprehensive fire marshal training courses cover a range of topics, including fire safety regulations, fire prevention measures, emergency evacuation procedures, and fire extinguisher usage. Participants will also learn how to conduct fire drills, assess fire risks, check fire exits, and communicate effectively during a fire emergency.

We offer different fire marshal training courses that vary in length, from a few hours to a full day. The topics covered remain largely the same but for the longer courses, some areas are covered in more depth. 

A typical course program will include:

  • Introduction and Aims
  • Fire Regulations
  • Common Causes of Fire
  • Safety Features within Buildings
  • Fire Risk Assessment (As a Fire Marshal Role)
  • People Behaviour in Fire Situations
  • What to do in Case of Fire
  • Safe Evacuation of Premises
  • Action at Assembly Point
  • Types of Fire Extinguishers
  • Theoretical Assessments

Fire Marshal Training Across The UK

It’s easy to access certified fire warden training from anywhere in the UK. We offer online fire marshal courses that can be used for organisations or by individuals, or in-person courses where our trainers come to you. To improve fire safety for your workplace in Manchester, Birmingham, London and beyond, book an online or in-person fire marshal course now.

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Accredited Fire Marshal Courses


Our fire marshal courses are accredited by Qualsafe and delivered by health and safety experts. Here’s a just a few reasons to choose Rhino Safety for your fire marshal training:

  • Our courses are designed to meet relevant fire safety regulations and standards, so that your workplace is compliant with all legal requirements.
  • By equipping employees with the knowledge and skills to prevent and respond to fire incidents, you create a safer work environment for everyone
  • Participants gain the confidence to take prompt and effective action in the event of a fire emergency, thereby minimising risks to life and property
  • Our trainers are highly experienced safety professionals who will provide practical, hands-on training

We also offer a range of other training courses to bolster all aspects of health and safety for specific industries such as childcare, manufacturing and hospitality

Get in touch with us to find out more about our fire warden training and how we can enhance your workplace health and safety.

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