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With our expert health and safety consultants in Nottingham, Rhino Safety is able to provide support and advice to businesses of all sizes in a range of industries across the East Midlands.

We know that your business is unique and has specific needs. That’s why when we make recommendations or provide actions for you to follow, you can be sure they’re designed to make you completely compliant and address areas that can be improved.

Fire Risks Assessments In Nottingham

A fire risk assessment is an integral part of a business’ health and safety policy and a legal requirement. Rhino Safety has over a decade of experience delivering robust fire risk assessments. Nottingham companies can benefit from our services no matter what sector they are in, and enhance their fire safety procedures in line with their overall health and safety policies. A fire risk assessment evaluates the potential fire hazards in any setting, from construction to childcare, and recommends measures that minimise the risk of a fire breaking out. It also covers what to do in an emergency to ensure that everyone in the building can safely evacuate. Book a fire risk assessment alongside fire marshal training and boost your company’s fire safety protocols today.


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