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DSE Regulations


DSE regulations are used to keep employees using display screen equipment on a regular basis safe. Rules and guidance about the different DSE to use, when, and how to set it up are all included in DSE regulations, as well as how to support staff with specific needs.

What Is DSE?

DSE stands for display screen equipment, and it is found in many businesses. The most obvious type of DSE is the monitor used with computers, laptops, and mobile devices. Whether for admin, communication, or completing tasks, this is one example of display screen equipment which has evolved over time. Developments have focused on the size and clarity, while screen shape, light emission, and more also play a part.

What Are The Current DSE Regulations?

The current display screen equipment regulations were last amended in 2002, but guidance is ever evolving to meet changes in working conditions. Under the current DSE regulations, employers must:

Carry out a DSE workstation assessment

Reduce risks, and ensure staff have breaks from DSE

Provide an eye test if requested by employees

Offer training on DSE as needed

Poorly designed workstations or incorrect use of display screen equipment can cause injury to employees, with back, shoulder, neck, wrist and hand pain all common symptoms. Fatigue and eye-strain are also risks to be mitigated. DSE regulations apply to employees who:

Work at a fixed workstation

Work remotely

Work at hot desks

How Can Rhino Safety Help With DSE Regulations?

Display screen equipment regulations and guidance changes as new technology and business practices evolve. Being aware of these developments and taking steps quickly can make life simpler for your business and better for employees who are going to be affected by the changes. Being proactive with DSE will reduce any stress to make changes by deadlines set from government and regulatory bodies.

Our consultants have the expertise and experience of DSE regulations to make sure your business has everything it needs to be compliant. We use our knowledge and understanding of the most recent rules and guidelines to help ensure you have the best display screen equipment possible for your staff.


We Are Experts in Display Screen Equipment Regulations

Not only do you have to comply with the latest display screen equipment regulations, but the right equipment can also help staff perform at their best. That’s why having an expert health and safety consultant from Rhino Safety in your corner can make a difference to your business.

By making it clear what you have to do, and how best to support your staff, you can ensure you have the right DSE to improve efficiency and help your business grow.

Get Your Quote On DSE Regulations Support Today

The team at Rhino Safety can advise on what you need to do to comply with DSE regulations, and ensure you have the right DSE in your business. Display screen equipment is needed for a range of reasons, and our consultants understand the needs of the business and your staff to make sure you get the best support and information possible. Speak to our team now and find out more about display screen equipment regulations.

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