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Accidents in the workplace can have serious consequences. Not only are they dangerous for those involved, but without a full investigation, the accident may happen again.

To minimise the risk to employees and the employer, a thorough investigation has to be carried out to identify the cause of the accident, what led to it happening and what can be done to prevent it in the future. This is why we help conduct any accident investigation in businesses that need support.


At Rhino Safety, accident investigations are available on an ad hoc basis or as part of a comprehensive package of services that suit the needs of your business. This allows us to provide you with the expertise and support your business needs without costly extras that you won’t ever use.

This flexibility means we can help more businesses improve their policies and procedures, focusing on the areas that need it. Accidents at work are never a popular task to deal with, but we handle every investigation professionally and sensitively for all involved.



Our experts at Rhino Safety have a wealth of experience to draw upon when it comes to conducting an accident investigation. We understand it’s not enough to identify the cause of the accident and record it, but to understand what steps or actions led to risk being present in the first place.

This allows our experts to review any risk assessment or processes in place to prevent the accident from occurring again and update this to make sure everyone is as safe as possible while at work.

By having a well-documented log of accidents and clear steps taken from each incident, you are showing a duty of care to the business and staff. This should be reviewed regularly, especially when there are changes to equipment, working styles or environments. Our experts can help keep these policies, procedures and logs up to date.

We tailor all of our work to any business size or industry

Our experts can help you with accident investigations by completing a thorough process that makes sure everything is covered and checked.


The outcome of any accident investigation should be to update risk management processes, or implement steps if none exist for a particular situation. It’s not enough to log what happened if no action is taken afterwards.

Once an accident has taken place, the incident should be recorded with details of the event, the cause and who was involved. Any information on what action was taken to help the victim is also relevant.

This log should be made available to experts conducting an accident investigation, as they need to be able to identify where the accident took place and what factors were involved. Any risk assessments completed prior to this incident also need to be reviewed and updated to reflect and account for the specific situation.

Once the risk assessment has been updated with the relevant risks and recommendations of what needs to be done to lower the risk of the accident happening again. These actions need to be implemented immediately and our experts will help you to do that.


The identification of fire hazards and persons at risk


An evaluation of these risks to assess which can be reduced, controlled or eradicated


A detailed recording and explanation of our findings.

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