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"What is Health and Safety documentation?"


Workplace Health & Safety documentation is a requirement for any business with more than five employees. The statutory requirements included in this regulation involve a written Health and Safety Policy, as well as Risk Assessments and more. Keeping this together in – or as a part of – a Health and Safety file means you have easy access to it whenever required.

What Health & Safety support services does a business need?

Some of the documentation you will be expected to produce, implement, and maintain includes:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Accident and Incident Records (including RIDDOR)
  • Health & Safety Policies and Procedures, as well as Method Statements.

While there is a vast supply of online resources, free templates are not always suitable for every business. There is also the risk of incorrect completion or production of your documents, which can cause problems further down the line. Appointing one of our health & safety consultants is the affordable, sensible way to ensure all your H&S documentation is accurate and reliable.

Why choose Rhino Safety for your Health and Safety documentation?

It is essential for any qualifying business (those with more than five employees) to have the correct, most-up-to-date Health and Safety records in place. In the unfortunate event of an accident in the workplace, the first aspect to come under investigation is typically the review of existing policies and procedures, as well as other Health and Safety documentation.

Our team of expert Health and Safety Consultants have over ten years of experience and are fully equipped to help you create the right Health and Safety systems – including the production, implementation, and continuous monitoring of all documentation and supporting systems to complete your health and safety file.


What can our Health and Safety consultants do for you?

Rhino Safety’s team of experienced Health and Safety Consultants are available to help your business ensure you have the best possible document systems, complying with any and all written Health and Safety policy requirements, as well as providing Health and Safety services to compliment your new or existing policies and procedures.

We provide H&S support services to businesses who have already created their Health and Safety documents and require additional services for implementation and monitoring. We can help you seamlessly integrate existing documentation into a working Health and Safety system that meets your unique needs. We also offer support through our Health & Safety products – including kits, posters, and incident report books.

By appointing Rhino Safety as your Competent Person, you can rest assured that the support services we provide will ensure full compliance with HSE, allowing you to take care of your business.

We understand that generic Health and Safety templates do not work for every business.

We tailor all policies and written procedures according to your unique specifications and ensure your H&S systems management is resilient enough to withstand any investigation, and keep your working environment as safe as possible.

Our Health and Safety Policies and Procedures Process

Our team of Health and Safety Consultants undertake the bespoke production, implementation and monitoring of all your safety policies, procedures, and assessments. We take the time to properly assess your unique environment and to create tailored documentation that works for your business. We have a wealth of experience in creating easy-to-use and even easier to understand Health and Safety files and document management systems, keeping you safe and compliant.

We also provide support to businesses who have already had their Health and Safety documents created. We help you to understand the recommendations laid out in existing assessments, as well as assist you to implement these suggestions. Our document implementation and monitoring support services allow you to remain within any existing contractual obligations, with complementary support by a team with over a decade’s experience.


The identification of fire hazards and persons at risk


An evaluation of these risks to assess which can be reduced, controlled or eradicated


A detailed recording and explanation of our findings.

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