Health and Safety Consultants in London

Our London office is situated in the heart of the capital with great connection from all areas of Greater London. Being approachable, easy to find, and in close contact with all of our clients in the region is part of our care for your business – we want our services and our team to be at your doorstep whether you are based in Shoreditch or Chiswick.

The London office health and safety consultants are available to chat and help any time in the week, the Blackwell House office is a stone throw away from St. Paul’s and Bank underground station as well as the Moorgate rail station. Pop into our office or email to find out more.


Ensuring Safety in London and Surrounding Areas

If you have a London based business, we are here to help ensure safety and trust within your company. Regardless of the field you’re in, or the service you provide, you must ensure staff and customers are protected through suitable health and safety measures. If you fail to do so, you put yourself at risk of legal ramifications – potentially leading to expensive lawsuits. Healthy and safety don’t just affect you legally, the loss of trust and associated negative press could damage your bottom line for years to come.

Our London health and safety experts focus on more than just the legal and PR safety of your business, compliance is most important for your employees. Not adhering to health and safety practices can have huge repercussions, possibly leading to severe injury or even death, not to mention the human cost associated with incidents. Fortunately, we work with businesses throughout the Greater London area to help them stay compliant with current UK health and safety legislation to prevent accidents.


Protecting Your Staff and Business

At Rhino Safety, our mission is to protect you from the fines and potential loss of business caused by a health and safety breach, ensuring that your business does not have to deal with the consequences of workplace accidents. London businesses can be hit especially hard, which is why our team works tirelessly to ensure your health and safety standards are compliant with all regulations.

Our tried and tested method involves conducting a risk assessment to identify potential dangers on your site or place of business. We will then develop realistic and practical strategies to help minimise these dangers and help you remain compliant with health and safety legislation. This is only part of our service though. We will equip you, and your staff, with the knowledge they need to stay safe.

What’s more, we have a substantial amount of training materials available which you can access with just a few clicks. Available on-demand, this information can form the backbone of your health and safety strategy in the future.


Get in Touch with Our London Health and Safety Team

If you’re worried about your legal commitments, or just have questions about health and safety in London, then the team at Rhino Safety is ready to help.

Our specialists have a realm of knowledge and can be reached through the details below or via the contact page. Whatever your needs, we should be able to provide you with the support you need quickly and in a cost-effective manner.


Rhino Safety – Our London address

Rhino Safety Limited

Blackwell House,

Guildhall Yard,



Phone number: 020 3633 2107

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