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Mental Health First Aid Training


Gain the knowledge and skills you need to help someone experiencing mental health problems with a mental health first aid training course, empowering organisations and individuals across a range of mental health matters.

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What Is A Mental Health First Aid Course?


Just as we administer first aid to physical wounds, it’s important that we recognise and respond to mental health issues also. Approximately 30% of the UK population lives with a mental health condition, so knowing how to support these people is essential in creating safe and inclusive spaces. 

A mental health first aid course teaches individuals and businesses the vital skills needed to help anyone having a mental health crisis or struggling with a long term mental health condition. You will learn the signs to look out for, how to offer immediate support, and what professional services are available for long term support. Participants completing mental health first aid training will become confident in knowing how to approach a mental health related situation, both personally and in a professional setting.   

What Is Included In A Mental Health First Aid Course?


There are various length mental health courses available, and the topics covered will be more in-depth the longer the course. In general, anyone on our mental health first aid training courses will learn:

  • What mental health is, common mental health disorders, the signs and symptoms, and the prevalence of each condition
  • How to recognize and respond to mental health crisis situations such as suicidal behavior, panic attacks, self-harm, or substance abuse
  • Effective communication techniques to offer support and help individuals feel heard and understood
  • Crisis intervention strategies for de-escalating crisis situations and connecting individuals to appropriate professional help
  • The importance of self-care when providing support to others and how to effectively refer individuals to mental health professionals or services
  • The impact of stigma on individuals with mental health issues and how to promote a more understanding and supportive environment
  • Where to find information on local mental health resources, helplines, and support services may be provided to help participants access additional help for themselves or others

Each topic above will go into further detail and include significant instruction on the role of a mental health first aid responder according to specific mental health conditions and situations.

Who Are Mental Health First Aid Courses For?


Our Mental Health First Aid Courses are suitable for:

Individuals – Improving your own knowledge can equip you with the skills to help friends or family members. Gaining a mental health first aid qualification can also enhance your professional skill set, making you a valuable asset to your employer. 

Workplaces – Having employees trained in mental health first aid creates a supportive and mentally healthy work environment. Organisations that prioritise positive mental health practices will reduce stigma and improve overall wellbeing for staff.

The Education Sector – Teachers and school staff can benefit from learning how to recognise signs of distress among students and colleagues, and gain an understanding of how to provide appropriate support for all ages.

Healthcare Professionals – Those already working in healthcare can benefit from additional first aid mental health training to complement their existing skills and enhance patient care.

Benefits Of Mental Health First Aid Training


The many benefits of completing a mental health first aid training course include:

  • Increased awareness of the signs and symptoms of various mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, which can lead to early intervention and support for those who need it
  • Reducing stigma by educating individuals and providing them with the tools to offer non-judgmental support. This creates a more supportive and understanding environment for those struggling with their mental health
  • Teaching individuals the skills to provide immediate assistance to someone in a mental health crisis. This might include listening non-judgmentally, assessing the person’s risk of harm, and providing support until professional help arrives
  • An enhanced sense of wellbeing for those who undergo mental health first aid training, who can gain purpose and fulfilment by learning how to support others in times of mental health crisis
  • Creating safer communities by empowering individuals to support others in need

Mental Health First Aider Training From Rhino Safety


At Rhino Safety, we are experts in all aspects of workplace health and safety, and deliver training on a wide range of subjects. We can offer in person or online training courses and have the knowledge and expertise to support any industry with mental health first aid training. From construction and childcare to hospitality and warehousing, every organisation can benefit from a mental health first aid course

Contact us to find out what our courses can do for your company, or you as an individual, and get signed up to a mental health first aid training course today. 

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