December has been a hectic month already, and that’s before shopping for Christmas presents and buying the festive food begins. At the start of the month, Rhino Safety moved into our fantastic new offices in Elworth, on the edge of the beautiful market town of Sandbach. We even have a canal view, so during those stressful moments a quick peep at the ducks, elegant swans and chilled-out fishermen enjoying the peaceful banks soon restores that inner calm. Ahh, relax…

Still, there’s plenty of work to be done. In January, Rhino Safety is delighted to be hosting the South Cheshire Chamber “Final Friday” networking event – and we’d love you to join us. The Chamber events are always well attended, and they are a great opportunity to connect with other local businesses in an informal and friendly atmosphere. We are holding the event at Barchetta Restaurant in Wheelock (near Sandbach), and we look forward to updating everyone with our latest exciting developments. There will be an introductory talk, a chance to meet and greet the other companies, and a superb opportunity to network and grow your business. You don’t have to be a Chamber member to attend, but you do need to pre-book (see link below). We hope you can join us, and look forward to welcoming you!

Contribution to the Community Award 

One of the first things we installed at the new Rhino Safety offices was a new mantelpiece to house our growing collection of silverware and trophies! Seriously, it was a surprise but most welcome announcement when we received recognition for our contribution to the Cheshire community at the 20th South Cheshire Chamber’s Annual Awards night at the magnificent Crewe Hall.

We joined over 200 other guests at one of Cheshire’s most spectacular hotels for an amazing evening that championed start-ups, young business people, organisations that promote health and wellbeing, plus excellence in customer service and much more.

For Rhino Safety, our award recognised what we have given back, the time and effort invested in organisations that do great work across Cheshire communities. Check out our blog from July that detailed some of the charitable work we have done and why it is so important to us…

Spotlight – snow & ice precautions  

With winter now bringing its bitter chill to early mornings, there’s every chance that we will soon see the first snow of the year. So, let’s bust a myth: there are no Health & Safety regulations preventing people at home, or at their business, clearing snow and ice to make life easier for others. You DO NOT suddenly become liable if someone slips on an area that you have attempted to make safer. So, should you clear snow and grit your paths? YES, clear what you can, keep yourself safe as you do so, and for businesses try to clear areas around doors and exit points. The government urges a common-sense approach. If you have the staff and equipment available, then you should try to clear snow and ice around your premises. As always, if in doubt, call us. Rhino Safety is here to give you the latest advice.

That’s all for this month, and this year, apart from wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and an exciting and prosperous New Year!


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