Rhino Safety works with companies from various industry sectors, offering health & safety advice to ensure that they meet standards and, ultimately, grow their businesses.
Our expert knowledge and guidance about compliance and legislative requirements often leads to further successes down the line, and it’s great to be able to reflect upon the positive impact our work has had.

So to Dennis Goulding Ltd, a Wigan-based windows, doors and glazing company that offers a stylish range of products that helps customers to add real value to their homes.

Back in 2009, the business enjoyed a turnover of around £120,000 each year. They returned steady sales figures for about four years until the decision was made to start manufacturing more of their product range in-house. This would yield better margins, but it also meant taking on more staff who would be exposed to increased hazards and a multitude of additional health and safety issues.

So what did Rhino Safety do?
With grand plans in place, production rising and business complexities mounting, there was an increased duty of care – and that was something we could help with. We came on board to assist in managing the risks associated with such a labour-intensive operation that involved hands-on, skilled workers who used powerful and potentially dangerous machinery.
One of the key targets was to ensure that the business was accredited with CHAS (the Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme). This was vital; an award that is recognised by other construction companies and significant industry players. To achieve that accreditation and get it right first time, using Rhino Safety’s expertise was essential. That’s what we do, carefully assessing how a business is operating and then documenting procedures so that a company is working to recognised rules and regulations quickly and efficiently. Crucially, its workforce is safe. No corners have been cut, no important details missed.

With a comprehensive review of Dennis Goulding’s health and safety policies completed, CHAS was achieved and the company was in a position to pursue much larger local government contracts. Business boomed, as they were able to trade with large-scale manufacturers and tender for significant contracts across the northwest and beyond. This year, they are on target to turn over £1,000,000 – and the future is bright. Rhino Safety now keeps on top of any issues that might need to be considered as new ideas and plans are introduced.

Most recently, we have just helped them win a contract with Wigan County Council worth £1.2 million pounds over four years. That’s fantastic news and it rewards the hard work put in by everyone.

Stuart Goulding, company director, said: “Rhino Safety has been a huge help and they have guided us to the next level. As we focused on what we do best, Simon and his team ensured that our production processes were fully compliant with the latest legislation.

“Having a good working relationship is essential. Knowing that we can rely on Rhino Safety to ensure that our workforce is safe gives me great peace of mind. It’s a partnership that has flourished and benefited all parties.”

If your company is growing quickly and needs a health & safety check-up to ensure that you remain fully compliant, get in touch now on 01270-440341.

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