Don’t worry, there’s not been an escapee from the zoo. Although that’s a story for another day!
We’re talking about giving something back, working with local charities and not-for-profit groups. In fact, helping to support and promote what’s going on around Cheshire and Staffordshire has always been important to us.
That’s how we like to work at Rhino Safety.
Anyone can plough on regardless, only looking to companies willing and able to pay for our services. Such customers are essential, otherwise we wouldn’t be here.
But there’s a balance that can be achieved, certainly one where your standards and dedication can really benefit society as a whole. And guess what? It feels great.
Knowing that we can ensure that a local group can operate with confidence that their volunteers and visitors are safe is very satisfying.
In late summer we play a significant part in helping to deliver a safe and enjoyable experience for around 40,000 people.
That’s big numbers, but we never shy away from a challenge.
Now the Nantwich Food Festival is a huge operation, with hundreds of exhibitors and some famous TV chefs involved. It’s a complex three-day event that takes months of planning.
We help in the background, ensuring that the 70-plus volunteers are well trained in all aspects of Health & Safety.
It’s important that those dedicated helpers are safe and confident that they could react appropriately to situations, and that hopefully means that the visiting public are well looked after.
We also work with the stallholders and keep essential Health & Safety documentation up to date.
Over that busy weekend we meet many wonderful people, and also other businesses who are helping out or trading themselves. It’s always a great place to network.
Most importantly, another showcase Cheshire festival gets the green light and boosts the local economy.
If you and your family are planning to visit this year’s Nantwich Food Festival, make sure that you come and say hello.
Towards the end of the year we’ll bring you a full round-up of the work that we have been doing with some of the many fantastic not-for-profit groups across the region.


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