7 Common Mistakes Businesses make when engaging Health & Safety Consultants

1. Choosing the cheapest quote;
• Health & Safety can’t be compromised; do they offer a high-quality, bespoke service?
• Are they able to offer all the services you require?
• Are they able to provide references from satisfied clients?


2. Not checking qualifications;
• Do they have the right standard of qualification your industry needs?
• Are they a member of any governing bodies such as the British Safety Council and ROSPA?


3. Not checking experience;
• As well as qualifications, do they have experience in your industry?
• Is their experience up-to-date, with knowledge of current legislation and industry guidance?


4. Not researching the size of the company;
• Do they have enough Health & Safety professionals to be able to provide efficient service, including urgent assistance if required?
• Are they small enough to ensure that you are always dealing with someone who knows and understands your business?
• Do they have an office team to assist with paper work and queries?


5. Not enquiring about their business relationships;
• Do they have connections with and support from the HSE, Fire service, Council etc?
• Do they network and have relationships with local businesses e.g. Chamber of Commerce memberships?
• Do they work with SSIP’s and can assist your business in obtaining accreditations?
• Do they make recommendations for other service providers based on positive experiences rather than financial incentives?


6. Not checking the details of their services;
• Will they travel nationwide?
• Do their charges include all reasonable travel expenses?
• Is their quote clear and concise so that you know exactly what you are paying for?
• Can they provide additional, ad hoc services as required?


7. Not choosing a charitable and caring consultancy;
• Do they support local charities not only by donating to them but also with their time and services?
• Have they won any awards for ‘contribution to the community’?


If you would like to work with a consultancy who can answer
                                                                                  ‘yes’ to all the above, get in touch with Rhino Safety today.

                                                                                         If you don’t, it could be the biggest mistake of all!

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