Fire Risk Assessment

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A Fire Risk Assessment is a statutory requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, including most commercial and public property in the UK.

If you are the designated Responsible Person within your workplace or organisation, it is your obligation to ensure General Fire Precautions are comprehensively monitored and adhered to.

Part of the responsibilities included in this designation are Fire Risk Assessments. While there is no stipulation for official qualifications to fulfil these obligations, we understand this complex undertaking is something many businesses would prefer to have professionals handle.

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I would recommend Rhino Safety to any organisation looking to improve their business and reduce risks to ensure that their operations are much safer for employees and customers alike. 

Dan Poznanski

General Manager

Our work with Simon and Cate Walter at Rhino Safety Limited aimed to ensure that the Group was Health and Safety compliant with all aspects of Health & Safety legislation.  We were therefore extremely pleased when Simon and his team implemented a Health & Safety programme which resulted in them undertaking all Risk Assessments and the Group being fully H & S compliant within 6 months.

Sue Hopson

Management Executive

Rhino don’t go overboard on H&S needs and requirements, they provide a comprehensive, yet not over-the-top approach which is always bespoke to each individual organisations needs.

Liz Southall

Why Choose Rhino Safety for Fire Risk Assessment services

All of our services can be engaged on an individual, ad-hoc basis, or alternatively can be provided as a comprehensive package bespoke to your requirements. Regardless of how simple or complex your Fire Risk Assessment needs are, our experienced and knowledgeable consultants are available to offer Fire Safety Risk Assessments, reviews, guidance and recommendations to help your organisation achieve its fire safety goals.

Whether you have a single property or multiple properties, we have the knowledge and experience to handle any size, structure, or requirement your site may have. Our stringent Fire Safety Assessment process covers every aspect of Fire Risk Assessments to ensure both safety and compliance of your workplace.

What can our experts do for you?

Our Fire Risk Assessment team will examine every potential risk, and ensure you are fully aware of and understand the suggestions we make. We are here to take the guesswork and confusion out of Fire Safety to help you be best placed to ensure the highest level of safety and compliance in your workplace, and for your employees.

It is the responsibility of the Responsible Person to ensure that sufficient training in fire safety has been provided for all staff.

The Responsible Person should also have fire safety arrangements in situ, with a clear evacuation plan available in the case of an emergency. This information – including procedures and plans – should be made readily available to all existing and new employees.

Importantly, it is also the duty of the Responsible Person to ensure there is appropriate, well-maintained, and correctly installed fire safety equipment throughout the building.

We understand that this scope is not always easy to undertake, nor in the remit of most employees. This is where our Fire Risk Assessments offer the most value; we help to create the correct processes and procedures after analysing your current framework, and help you to free up valuable time and resources by allowing professionals to handle this often complex undertaking.

We ensure you are fully aware of the recommendations we make

We are here to take the guesswork and confusion out of Fire Safety to help you be best placed to ensure the highest level of safety and compliance in your workplace, and for your employees.

Our Fire Risk Assessment Process

Fire safety is an ongoing requirement. While there is no legislated frequency for conducting these assessments, they should ideally be conducted on an annual basis, or more frequently if there has been a significant change in the environment.

Adhering to this timeline ensures an easy demonstration of compliance in the case of a visit from HSE, and also ensures timeous notification of any potential risks in order for them to be addressed and rectified to prevent an unsafe environment.

Our Fire Safety Risk Assessment process is a comprehensive, exhaustive procedure that analyses every aspect of your premises, including:

  • The identification of fire hazards and persons at risk
  • An evaluation of these risks to assess which can be reduced, controlled or eradicated
  • A detailed recording and explanation of our findings.

We ensure you are fully aware of the recommendations we make, leaving no room for uncertainty or potential risk.

Industries we have experience of

The consultants at Rhino Safety have vast experience conducting Fire Risk Assessments in various industries, helping us have a better, practical understanding of the complexities and nuances each sector holds. Some of our previous industry experience includes:

  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Hotels
  • Care Homes
  • Children’s Nurseries
  • Offices
  • Construction Sites

We have a wealth of experience

We provide our services nationwide, and our clients range from micro-businesses with less than 10 employees to large corporations. We can work alongside and in conjunction with your in-house Health and Safety Manager, or as a complete out-sourced solution.

If you are looking for a trusted Fire Risk Assessment consultant to carry out your organisations’ Fire Safety Risk Assessment, we would love to hear from you. Contact us now and one of our friendly team members will be in touch.

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