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"What are the CDM Regulations?"


CDM Regulations apply to all construction projects in the UK; domestic, commercial, and temporary works are all included. Commonly referred to as CDM, Construction (Design and Management) Regulations have been around since 1994, with the most recent update taking place in 2015.

What are the current CDM Regulations?

The current CDM regulations in 2020 apply to all construction projects – commercial or domestic.

These regulations exist to ensure health and safety adherence of the overall project, including strategic planning and management of projects. The regulations also span to include early detection of potential hazards, and to ensure that potential risks are mitigated to avoid dangerous situations.

Each construction project requires the appointment of a CDM Dutyholder to facilitate the correct CDM Regulation implementation. Oftentimes, the Principal Contractor of the construction project is designated this responsibility, although that is not always the case. Rhino Safety proudly provides Principal Designer services and can assist a Principal Contractor to successfully fulfil their role in ensuring adherence to the current CDM regulations.

"Why appoint Rhino Safety as your CDM Dutyholder?"

CDM Dutyholders each carry their own unique set of responsibilities and obligations. Dutyholders span to include:

  • Clients
  • Principal Contractors
  • Principal Designers
  • Designers
  • Contractors.

Each of these designations requires coordination and collaboration with other dutyholders.

The Principal Designer is typically the CDM Dutyholder during the pre-construction phase. This role then shifts to the Principal Contractor, who has overall control over contractors during the construction phase.

Rhino Safety’s team of expert consultants utilises over ten years of experience and can assist you by being appointed the Principal Designer or assisting a Principal Contractor. This alleviates the burden of changing CDM Dutyholders at any stage during your construction project and allows us to be a reliable dutyholder during your construction project from beginning to end.

We also facilitate the creation, implementation and monitoring of compliant CDM Documentation. It’s worthwhile to note that in addition to the standard health and safety documentation required under other H&S regulations, CDM Regulations in 2020 require additional documentation throughout various stages of the construction project. These include:

  • Pre-Construction Information
  • Construction Phase Plan
  • Health and Safety File

We are experts in CDM regulations

Our experts ensure you are fully aware of the recommendations we make, leaving no room for uncertainty or potential risk at any stage of construction.

We are here to take the guesswork and confusion out of Construction & Design Management regulations to help you be best placed to ensure the highest level of safety and compliance on site.

CDM Awareness Training

The construction H&S consultants at Rhino Safety are proud to offer CDM Awareness Training through our e-learning platform. This training assists you by supplying the necessary tools and resources to upskill your existing designated dutyholders and enabling them to effectively carry out their obligations on future construction projects.

Our CDM Awareness Training provides workers with the right skills, knowledge, training and experience necessary to fulfil their roles. It also allows contractors to provide appropriate supervision, instruction and information to oversee those under their supervision safely. Our bespoke, business orientated CDM support will help you to keep your project on track.

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