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Solicitors Firm


Who did we help?

A firm of solicitors in the north west with just under 50 staff based across 2

What was their issue?

The responsible person within the company was concerned that they did not
have the competency to write the Health & Safety Policy and Risk Assessments.
They were an original Partner and the company had grown substantially from
when they initially took the responsibility on. Additionally, their two premises
were in old, 2- and 3-storey premises that had been converted from residential
to commercial use; they were concerned about Fire Regulations and the
limitations of how they could alter the buildings.

How did we solve it?

We conducted initial inspections of the two premises and focussed on the Fire
Risk Assessments as a priority. We highlighted some specific areas of concern
around the steepness of some staircases and the risks they would present in the
event of an evacuation. We also provided the details of how to mitigate these
risks to an acceptable level. We then overhauled the documentation as a whole,
bringing it all up to date and a more manageable format.

What was the outcome?

The company had new Fire Risk Assessments and fire procedures in place within
2 months. Due to the low risk nature of the working practices, the safety
management is controlled via annual inspections by their Rhino consultant and
occasional support with specific issues that arise. The Partner is now confident in
their competency to manage their safety documentation and procedures due to
the reassurance that they are being supported by a team of fully qualified

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