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Manufacturing Company


Who did we help?

A manufacturing company with between 50 and 60 staff based in the midlands.

What was their issue?

The business was working towards significant growth and scaling. They had
documentation in place that had been accumulated from various sources during
the growth of the company, but it was inconsistent and in some cases unfit for
purpose. There had been cases of poor safety practices that were difficult to deal
with because staff were not routinely inducted on safe systems of work.

How did we solve it?

We started the safety documentation from scratch, helping the management to
consult with their staff to find out their perspectives on safe working practices.
We guided the management through its implementation, ensuring all staff had
formally acknowledged their understanding and acceptance of the new
processes and procedures. We implemented an induction and training matrix for
all existing staff, and a process for ensuring all new starters received the same
as part of their overall induction.

What was the outcome?

12 months after getting us involved, the company saw a measurable difference
in safe working practices, with a reduction in injuries and near-misses and an
improvement in the perception of safety from the workforce. Instances of poor
safety practice were dealt with effectively and efficiently, and the workforce
were more encouraged to promote a positive safety culture.

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