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International Airline


Who did we help?

An international airline with a European Head Office approached us as they were
expanding into UK airports and wanted to ensure full compliance with British
safety legislation for their UK staff.

What was their issue?

Although they had full safety systems in place for their European operations, the
Management were keen to ensure that this translated into their new British
operations. They already had to work within stringent Aviation legislation and
wanted the expertise of a UK-based safety company to support them through
their transition and long term.

How did we solve it?

We conducted initial safety audits at the relevant airports and liaised with both
the Company’s management and the Airport safety teams to confirm full
compliance with HSE requirements and Airport-specific regulations.

What was the outcome?

The Company successfully transitioned into the first UK airport with confidence
and minimal disruption, and then expanded into a further 4 airports with our

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