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COVID-19 Safety Pack for Workplaces


Getting Businesses Back to Work SAFELY


  • Are you hoping to get you and your staff back to work soon, but worried about how to do it safely?
  • Are you unsure about how to write a specific risk assessment as required by the latest guidance?
  • Are you confused about how to practically apply the latest guidance in your workplace?
  • We’re experts at making safety second nature, so we’re here to help.
  • We have produced a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use Covid-19 Safety Pack for workplaces, including policy and procedures, first aid guidance, safety memo for employees, weekly check sheets, and essential signage.
  • This essential kit will ensure employers meet their H&S obligations and take all reasonable steps to protect themselves and their employees from Covid-19, and has been produced in line with current guidance from the government, the Health & Safety Executive, the World Health Organisation, and Public Health England.
  • The pack is available to purchase for just £119+VAT.
  • You can also purchase the pack alongside our turnkey product for small, low-risk businesses, H&S Unlocked, for a special combination price of £197+VAT.
  • Alternatively, become a full client of Rhino Safety and the pack is included in your full support package.
  • We are also offering a 50% discount on the pack price for charities.
  • For further information or to purchase your packs, call us on 01270 440341 or email us at info@rhinosafety.co.uk

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