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Health and Safety Method Statement


What Is A Health and Safety Method Statement?

A Health and Safety method statement is a document that outlines how a specific job or task should be carried out. They are usually used for tasks that come with a high level of risk, and these documents can ensure the safety and well-being of anyone employed to carry out these tasks.

Without this document, it’s possible that people completing tasks with such high-levels of risk could injure themselves or others. This harms their physical and mental well-being, as well as causing trouble for the business.


Why Choose Rhino Safety For Health And Safety Method Statements?

With Rhino Safety, you can find the right support and expertise to help with any Health and Safety needs you have. We offer our services on an ad hoc basis or as part of a comprehensive package tailored to your business. Our goal is to make it easier for you to handle tasks such as Health and Safety method statements without letting other parts of your business suffer.

You can also rely on the experience of our consultants to make sure every method statement is done correctly and without leaving any gaps that could make you vulnerable if accidents were to happen.


How Our Experts Can Help

The experts at Rhino Safety have created and completed more Health and Safety method statements than you might think. This means we’re confident of being able to help you with this aspect of Health and Safety – as well as any related activities – to make sure you are fully compliant with all legislations and regulations.

With Health and Safety method statements, we have experience of making sure every potential risk, hazard and outcome is accounted for. This means the task can be completed safely with the smallest chances of injury or accident taking place.

By using our expertise with risk assessments and hazard identification, we can make sure nothing is left to chance. Our consultants have learned to spot what others consider normal, even though there are steps that can be taken to accommodate them and lower the risk for all involved.


What Is The Process For Health and Safety Method Statements?

When writing Health and Safety method statements, there are different ways to create a comprehensive and detailed document. Whichever way it is created, there are details that must be included. Since this document is designed to account for hazards and risks in a task, everything that could happen must be included, along with the likelihood and controls put in place to prevent it.

This does mean a different method statement is needed for each high-risk task. Once the task has been identified, our consultants will work with you to understand every step of what’s involved and the tools needed to pinpoint the risks and hazards involved. This may differ on different work sites, so we make sure each method statement is unique to your business.


Industries We Work With

Our consultants have worked with businesses of all sizes across the country, and in many different industries. This has allowed us to refine our processes to be more efficient no matter what sector you work in. Some of the industries we have experience of include:

  • Children’s Nurseries
  • Offices
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Care Homes
  • Hotels
  • Construction Sites

Creating a Health and Safety method statement can be a challenging task, but it will be easier to do with the help and support of an expert consultant. If you want to know more about what we can do, contact the team at Rhino Safety.